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The World’s Leading International Exhibition for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

Hannover/Germany 10-16 November 2013

Visit us in PAD. 21  Stand J13.c

Pto pump with pump body turn of 90°

PTO PUMPSOn demand, we can supply our pumps, with pump body turn of 90°

This pump are ideal for portable irrigation systems, for operating with hose reels and irrigation system with sprinklers and rainguns.

These pumps can be supply with: trailer with tow bar which can be attached to the tractor;three point system, designed to be attached to the tractor lift;protected cardan shaft; manual self priming unit and all the accessories for suction and delivery.

Motorpump set with Vincenzi & Gibertini pump with free shaft

Motorpump set with centrifugal multistage pump type CM4-80/2 impeller

mounted direclty on the hose reel machine.

The big range of our centrifugal multistage pumps, up to 4000 lit/minute, with  pressure up to 180 metres,

grant to find the right solution for every customer

Motorpump set with Vincenzi & Gibertini pump with free shaft



Motorpump set with Vincenzi & Gibertini mutistage SAE3 pump

Motorpump with CF3M4 80 3 pump

Silent Motor Pump with flanged SAE3 centrifugal multistage pump.

This pumps are available with a maximum of 4 impeller and are available also with a SAE4 flange.

The strenght of each parts of this pump, grant big reliability to this pumps and  a long life.

Another happy customer !


Another satisfied customer with Tractor pto pump  Vincenzi & Gibertini in North America.

Our PTO pumps are available with different Ratio, for 540 and 1000 r.p.m. and other and are able to satisfied all the custormer’s request.

As you can see in the picture, on demand is possible supply the pumps with the pump body turn of 45°.


Irrigation pumps

With more of 5o years of experience in irrigation pumps, nowadays Vincenzi & Gibertini is able to offer a good range of pumps so to be able to resolve many lifting, conveying and distribution problem.Vertical pumps for pumping water from deep wells with maximum delivery of 168 m3/h.Tractor pumps with delivery of 180 m3/h and maximum pressure of 17 bar, perfect for portable irrigation systems, for operating self-propelled irrigators. Pumps for diesel engine or electric motor, available with 1,2,3 or 4 impeller and also with flange SAE3 or SAE4.