Pumps with vertical shaft


Its reduced dimensions, the elimination of priming and draw problems and the low cost of installation are elements which make the use of vertical pumps an increasing reality for:

- pumping water from deep wells;

- water supply needs for civil, industrial and agricultural needs;

- fire fighting, etc.


Multi-stage vertical line-shaft turbine pump, with coupling column to the drive unit which is made up of a delivery and line–shaft support a unit. The drive unit, which is available in four different constructional models, is made up of the discharge head, the elements making up the unit suspension base and rotating plant drive and supporting units.

Use limits

Pumped liquids : Liquids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump constructional materials. Maximum solid matter in suspension content: 40 g/m³. Maximum temperature of the pumped liquid: 70 °C. Maximum ambiental temperature: 50 °C. Maximum operational pressure: 20 bar. Installation depth: to 120 mt.


The characteristics given in the catalogue have been obtained using water at 15 °C. at an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar, and a volumetric mass of 1 Kg/dm³, kinetic viscosity factor not over 1mm²/s and they are guaranteed to ISO 2548 class C norms.