Flanged Multistage pumps SAE 3 e SAE 4

                                                     SERIE CF.M


These pumps can be used for a wide range in agricultural field. They can be used for irrigation systems and to pump  water under pressure. They can arranged for coupling with Diesel engines.


The hydraulic part is centrifugal, with horizontal axis and 2, 3 or 4 impellers is series. The in-let are flanged in accordance with UNI PN 10 standards, the in-take is placed axially while the pressurizing one is radial and can be turned. The closed radial impellers are dynamically and hydraulically balanced. The packing seal has an adjustable flange and the shaft at the seal is protected by a hard chromium facing. The rotating and hydraulic section rest on a sufficiently large support unit. For three or four impeller  pumps, a rest foot is attached to the end of the hydraulic section for extra support. The pump shaft is supported by two large ball bearing set far apart to  guarantee correct distribution of axial and radial thrust. The shaft, at the hydraulic section, is supported by a self-lubrication bushing in the aspiration body to prevent uneven rotation of the revolving group. The bearings are oil lubricated and there is a dip-stick to check the oil level.

Use Limits

Pumped liquids : Liquids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump constructional materials. Maximum solid matter in suspension content: 40 g/m3 at lime hardness and granulometry. Maximum temperature of the pumped liquid:  80° C.Maximum ambient temperature: 50° C.Maximum operating pressure  : 1,2 times the maximum operational pressure.


The characteristics given in the catalogue have been obtained using water at 15° C.; at an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar and are guaranteed in accordance with  ISO norms.