Tractor pumps


The semplicity, the ease of moving and the relatively small size are elements which make these pumps ideal for portable irrigation systems, for operating self-propelled irrigators and for all cases of water pumping when the only possible drive is from a power take-off.


The hydraulic section is centrifugal with a horizontal axis with one or two impellers in series.The in-lets are flanged in accordance with UNI PN10, the intake is placed axially while the pressurizing one is radial and can be turned. The closed radial impellers have been dynamically and hydraulically balanced.Packing box seal with adjustable flange. The shaft at the seal packing is protected by a chromium hardened steel facing. The overdrive, which also acts as the pump support, has a single set of helical, nickel-chromium, carburized and hardened alloy steel gears.Oil lubrification. The large number of cooling fins on the casing keep operational temperatures within the lower limits and guarantee excellent operational conditions. The standard transmission ratios allow the use of power take-off at 540 and 1000 RPM. Intermediate ratios are available to offer wider coupling possibilities.

Use limits

Pumped liquids : Liquids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump constructional meterials. Maximum solid matter in suspension content: 40 g/m³ at lime hardness and granulometry. Maximum temperature of the pumped liquid: 80 °C. Maximum ambiental temperature: 50 °C. Maximum operating pressure: 1,2 times the maximum operational pressure.


The characteristics given in the catalogue have been obtained using water at 15 °C; at an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar and guaranteed in accordance with ISO norms.